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Anodising is a surface treatment process used to transform the upper aluminium layer into oxide coating which is compact, firm and matches very well with the basic material. Oxide coating serves as excellent protection against corrosion, tear and wear and acts as an electrical insulator. By selecting different electrolytes, current types and bath parameters we can achieve oxide coating with various characteristics, which can adapt to different demands.

Innovative solutions enable us to collaborate with you in choosing the colour of the anodised surface in accordance with your demands.

State of the art technology guarantees excellent quality control of the working process and products.

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We are your partner on the way to an exceptional product

The following shades of colour are in our standard offer:

  • natural
  • black
  • stainless steel look
  • gold

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We add value to aluminum

We can also provide the anodising process in individual shades. The final appearance, colour, gloss and oxide coating characteristics (firmness, wear and tear resistance etc.) depend on the basic material alloy, surface pre-treatment, anodising process parameters and oxide coating thickness.

We also implement cold and hot sealing, as well as chemical polishing to reach a glossier surface. We collaborate with our customers in the development phase to increase the quality of the final product.

We develop purpose hooks from aluminium and titan.

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Metal Look of an Aluminium Product? Learn about the Technological Innovation Alu-Spectral


Alu-Spectral is a process of electrolyte colouration in the procedure of anodic oxidation of aluminium. Electrolyte colouration is a preference solution for surface treatment of aluminium parts if you are looking to combine mechanical and corrosive advantages with an oxide layer, which also brings a metallic look to an aluminium component. The interference colouration with three phases of colouring is a method which is used to acquire a wide spectrum of interesting colours with a metallic look.

Alu-Spectral provides better repeatability in blue, grey and green.

We always adapt the solutions to the needs of the product

Hard anodising

The Gabrijel Aluminium Company also offers their customers hard or hard coat anodising, which protects the aluminium from wear and tear and corrosion by forming a ceramic-like layer.

This type of treatment is predominantly requested in the field of automotive, nautical and air transport industry, where exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear and tear is demanded. Our standard offer includes the coating of 15–35 µm. If requested, we can arrange for a thicker coating.

A solution for industries with demands for OUTSTANDING corrosion and wear and tear resistance

Hard anodising is intended for components, which are exposed to extreme use

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Hard anodising is for components used in extreme conditions

Hard anodising is intended for components which are exposed to extreme use and require higher resistance to abrasion or corrosive environment in which thicker, harder and more sustainable coatings are required. The hard-coat process is also suitable for products that require increased electrical insulation.

Most hard coatings appear to be a shade of grey and coal due to the increased layer thickness and discolouration. Hard anodising components are rarely coloured additionally, as the colour surface appears uneven.

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