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Aluminium Profile Cutting up to 6000 mm in Length

We offer our customers aluminium profile cutting by measure of margin of error +/-0.1 mm. Maximum of profile length to be treated is 6000 mm. Our process introduces the Elumatec and Kaltenbach saws with automated delivery trays/cutters. We use automated scissors by Diebold and Schröder for cutting aluminium sheet metal.

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Milling and Turning of Workpieces on State of the Art and Multi-Axis Treatment Devices

The process of milling and turning of workpieces is performed on machines by Doosan, Mori Seiki and Flexmatic. Their perfection is ensured by the Motoman Robotec service robots. Maximum gabarits of the workpieces must not extend 1500x700x300mm. We also offer milling of longer profiles up to 6000 mm of length.

Beyond your expectations.

Fine-Blanking up to 200 Tons of Nominal Force

Our customers are offered the possibility of production of aluminium sheet metal products with the fine-blanking technology, which is performed on quality eccentric and hydraulic presses with the nominal force of up to 200 tons.

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Grinding: For a Finely Treated and Smooth Surface

Our grinding machines by Motoman Robotec, Mateli and Time Savers are accurate and guarantee impeccable appearance of our products. The options are: panel, longitudinal and profile grinding. Grinding panels, strips and reels come in different granulations, which ultimately depends on the desired final surface appearance.

Introducing the latest technology to achieve an impeccable appearance of your products.

Workpiece Brushing up to 2500 x 600 mm Gabarits

By implementing the principles of increasing machine flexibility and trend changing we patented alongside our supplier a machine for grinding, burnishing and brushing workpieces of gabarits up to 2500 x 600 mm.

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Sandblasting with Various Sandblasting Media

We offer sandblasting of workpieces with manual and automated sandblasting machines FerroECOBlast by Ferro Črtalič. We can also provide sandblasting with various sandblasting media, for example silica sand, glass, inox or ceramic balls.

We add value to aluminium

Spot Welding on Aluminium Products

We can weld various forms of elements, screws, bolts and nuts on your products by using the CNC welding centre by HBS with accuracy of +/-0.2 mm.

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We provide various types of labelling:

  • mechanical engraving
    laser engraving
    tampo printing

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