We specialise in innovative solutions in production of aluminium components in the area of consumer electronics.

The Gabrijel Aluminium Company specialises in production and surface treatment of aluminium components. We stand as a reliable partner on the consumer electronics market offering innovative solutions in production of aesthetic and technical aluminium components.

Complete surface treatment leads to an outstanding appearance of the final product.

Aaesthetics & increased product functionality.

Our customers comprise manufactures from the field of television, computers, audio components, sound systems, record players, conference screens, etc. Opting for an aluminium decorative casing not only gives it an aesthetic appearance, but also enables dissipation of excess heat, which has a positive effect on the product functionality.

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One partner on your path from prototype to final product.


Our customers are offered an array of various mechanical treatments and a choice of shades of surface colour. We also offer product labelling with mechanical or laser engraving and various printing options. We can also arrange for assembly with other materials if requested by the customer.

Specialists in production and surface treatment of aluminium components

Manufacturers of consumer electronics are offered:

  • television frames
  • television stands
  • casings
  • front panels
  • covers
  • heat sinks
  • buttons

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