Women month

Women in company Gabrijel Aluminium represents important share of crew members, which is 40%. We strive for employment of Women in general, whereby we build a culture of equality, balance, diversity and harmony. We provide with educational environment and opportunities for career development.

Today we introduce you our colleague Ms. Vesna Podgorac. She is working in Gabrijel Aluminium since 2010. Her initial job was production worker, afterward she became machine operator, quality supervisor and today she is working as work supervisor and coordinator. We rely on her very much and we want to expose her ingenuity and reliability. Her great ideas were implemented to improve many workplaces.

The situation is unfortunately not like that everywhere, especially in some areas of the world Women and Mothers are facing inadequate circumstances. Let’s be unite in solidarity to support all those impacted.

Evropski sklad za regionalni razvoj